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Grid View to See More in Day-Month Hybrid & Act Faster with Express Icons
A Share-with-Groups popover is also shown in the express mode
Our unique Grid view presents daily events in color-coded cards annotated with express icons, which are integrated with bi-directional scrolling and quick zoom to another Day or Month grid. So you can stay on top of your schedules, zero in on the event you want in a snap, and act quickly with even more express icon to come.

Month to Zoom to Day List & Use FlowNote as Multitasking Workhorse
A FlowNote is also shown with Event Navigator to get things done in one continuous stream
From a Month view, you can zoom to a Day list by tapping on a More tag. Then, browse, edit, and share the events in one continuous stream in FlowNote. Also, there are due-date and birthday reminders at a glance. Interestingly, the Month view can act as a navigator like the mini month, so you always know where you're by the blue highlight for the date you have selected.

What's New
V 1.1.0
Support time zones set automatically or manually in the device Settings.
Edit the events created in the current time zone, while browsing all calendar events.
Create slideshow albums from a collection of photos curated by you, or from monthly camera roll.
V 1.0.3
Zoom the mini month to another month or year via the respective express iconbars by tapping the Month or Year label.
Reschedule the event you want directly with the express icon on the Grid or Priority view.
Send the same invite to a new set of invitees by clearing the existing ones in one tap.

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2 Days to Compare Schedule Side by Side & Spread the Work Out
A Quick Add popover is also shown for the ease of adding a task or event
Unlike adding an event with Plus icon in the Month and Grid views, you press and hold on a desired time slot in the 2 Days and Week views to open the Quick Add. To edit, briefly tap on an event, or a More tag to browse, edit, and share the overlapping events in one continuous stream.

Week for Better Time Management with Repeating Events
A Priority Popover is also shown to track priorities and due dates
Managing the repeating events is easy - reschedule one or all remaining repeating events, or copy the series in the Date & Time popover, and change the repeat pattern, frequency, and total number of repeats in the Repeat popover. When tapping on the Trash icon, you can cancel one or all remaining repeating events. That's why the FlowNote is your workhorse.
By paring the Week view with Priority popover, you can focus on today while keeping weekly activities in check.

FlowNote as Your Workhorse
Access the FlowNote by tapping an event title anywhere
Browse, edit, and share events or tasks in one multimedia browser.
Add an all-day, same-day, or multi-day events with friendly date and time pickers.
Tap a blank space to add a paragraph or link with smiley; tap an icon to add a location, priority status, repeat pattern, photo album, and voice memo, to share with groups, and to reply to organizers.
Tap to edit existing text paragraphs or tap and hold to delete an object.
Copy an event and a list of invitees by by rescheduling it.
Cancel an individual event or the remaining recurring events.
Browse slideshows, voice memos, Google maps, and Safari links.
Manage the events through a Day or overlapping list in one continuous stream.
Events are organized by calendars, priorities, repeat patterns, smileys, and keywords for fast search.

Sync Calendars Indirectly with Privacy
Importing info from Calendars, Contacts and Camera Roll stays entirely on your iPad
Import the events from the device calendar to the respective calendars in the app, including those from existing services like iCloud, Exchange, or Google Calendar on your device without any passwords.
Export events created in the app to the device calendar, which will get populated to other services through the device.
As stated in our privacy policy, your one-time registration profile is used for data integrity and app-related announcements only.

More Key Features on iTrackFast
It's easy to add features to simplify your complicated life
Search by five classes of tags, then edit and share it in FlowNote.
Make albums, play slideshows, and share photos in a snap.
Scribble to surprise yourself and avoid the keyboard blues.
Get a quick start with the on-the-go help and search.
The events and tasks are all color coded to reflect the calendars they belong to for all calendar views. However, they appear in dark gray if the start times are already in the past, with the exception of Grid and Priority views.

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