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About AllFocus & iTrackFast Team
Who We Are What We Do
    Your calendar is a chronicle of your life. The iTrackFast Team is here to help you see more and act faster by using iTrackFast on the iPAD. By offering a robust calendar-note platform, we can devote ourselves to resolve problems diligently and let the users be heard from all the apps we're building.

Based near Boston, Mass, AllFocus is a software firm that powers the itrackfast platform for calendar apps, the chattrack platform for productivity and networking apps, and the isayusay platform for private online networking.
The iTrackFast Team builds the calendar-note apps that are fast and easy for functionality lovers with the following unique features:
Grid View to See More and Act Faster via a Concurrent Day and Month Browser
FlowNote as Your Multitasking Workhorse to Get Things Done in One Continuous Stream
Share with Groups Effortlessly with Automatic Tracking of Mailing Lists
Sync Calendar Indirectly with Privacy to Import and Export between the App and Device Calendar
You can contact us through itrackfast(at)gmail(dot)com.
With the modular design and powerful database, we can keep new features coming to meet the ever-changing demands.

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