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What happens if I do not allow access to device Calendars during registration? How do I sync iTrackFast between my iPad devices? What are the integrity rules for importing and exporting the calendar events?
When you import the events, they will all go to the default calendar. To import the events to the respective calendars, you can:
Export the calendar events, if any, to your device calendar with the possibility of losing some data.
Delete the app and reinstall it.
Hit Yes to allow access to device calendars during registration.
  Once you have set up your devices to exchange the contacts and calendar events with iCloud, whatever appear on the device Calendars and Contacts will appear in the app. This way you can export the events created in the app on one device and then import them on the other via Settings > Sync Calendars.   The data model can differentiate between the events created in the app and those imported from the device Calendars. This way it will import only those event never enhanced or already deleted from the app and export only the native events avoid the confusing duplicates.  
  Why aren't some of my calendars appearing on the device or in the app?   Why don't the exported events appear on my Google Calendar?   How is the data privacy protected?  
To sync multiple calendars, go to and/or from your mobile browser to select the calendars you want, then click Save.
For any calendars on the device but not in the app after an import, go to Settings > Rename to edit some of the generic calendars to those calendar names in identical spelling, then do an import and verify the results with search.
If the calendar is linked though the Exchange server, you can:
Go to Settings > General > Mail, Contacts, Calendars on your iPad.
Select Exchange from the Account box, then set "Mail Days to Sync" to "No Limit."
Open the Google Calendar to verify.
  The app performs the indirect sync with the device Calendars, Contacts, and Camera Roll. So the data exchange occurs entirely on the device. In addition, all the sharing is going through Apple Mail server. As stated in our privacy policy, your one-time registration profile is used for data integrity and product-related announcements only.  

  How does the app support the calendars?   How do I take advantage of the unified navigation feature?   What are the top two features about iTrackFast?  
  You can select one of the nine color-coded calendars to store each event, which can be changed at anytime. If you have more than nine calendars on your device, the events in the remaining calendars will be assigned to the default calendar during import.   By tapping a date on the Navigator, you can reference the events on the same timeline across the 2 Days, Week, Month, and Grid views. Also, the highlight stays put until you tap another date. So you always know where you are.  
The FlowNote is your multitasking workhorse to get things done in one continuous stream.
The Grid view lets you browse a Day grid and a Month grid together, act now via the express icons, and focus on one event at a time without losing your perspective.

  What are the gestures supported by the app?   How does FlowNote support a continuous workflow?   How does the FlowNote integrate with the Slideshow?  
With efficient algorithm, the following gestures are very responsive:
Tap to drill down, zoom in, go back, edit, or close. For instance, tap a date on the Navigator to align all calendar views.
Tap & Hold to add or to delete. However, tap the Trash icon to delete the entire event.
Swipe to browse through the photos, or lists.
For a Day list or overlapping events, the page navigator appears so you can get things done in one continuous stream.
For a single event, it gives you all the functionality in one place to edit and play the multimedia content, to reschedule appointments and copy events, to change repeat patterns, calendars and priorities, and to share events with groups.
  When you attach an album to a FlowNote, it appears as a strip of scrollable thumbnails. By tapping on one of them, the Slideshow player appears. You're back to the FlowNote the moment you close the player. Enjoy!  

  How does the app support sharing for work and for personal stuff?   How do I copy an event?   How does the app work online and offline?  
  The names and email addresses are paired together on the imported and mini Contacts lists, so you can pick the contacts with work email addresses or those with personal ones.   When you change the date and time of an event, the app will ask you to save the changes to the current event or repeating series or to a new event or series. By choosing the latter, a new copy is created. However, you should at least change the title to tell them apart.   To share with groups, you need to be online with Wi-Fi to access the Mail server. Otherwise, you can use the app online and offline seamlessly. Although the calendar import might not contain the latest information until you import them again after the Wi-Fi is back.  

  How does iTrackFast handle the daylight savings time?   Is it necessary to set an event apart from a task?   What will happen if I update the priorities for a repeating event?  
  It follows the daylight savings time based on the device clock with a workaround for the known problem:
If the start time of an event is between 12 AM and 2 AM on that Sunday, the end time must be before 2 AM. Otherwise, iOS won't let you repeat the event. Or it resets the start and end times if you add a new event on that Sunday between 2 AM and 3 AM.
  An event is usually time-based and a task is not. With the flexibility built into the FlowNote, you can set the priorities and due dates at your discretion, pack a bundle of events and tasks into the same time slots, or simply disregard the time elements. It's one FlowNote for everything.   Our data model allows each event in the series to have its own priority status. When you change the repeat pattern for the same series, however, the existing priorities will return to the Undefined status. On the other hand, text edits will be populated to the entire series.  

  Will iTrackFast work on my iPhone?  
  Not yet. iTrackFast Calendar is built for iPad only, but a special edition is in the works for iPhone users. Stay tuned!  

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